Wan2Tlk.Com is For Sale

"Want To Talk?"

TLD (Top Level Domain)

Unlimited Minutes Text & Calling Plan

Mobile Set to Become a 1.5 Trillion Dollar Industry in 2011

Wan2Tlk is Instant Messaging and Text Messaging code for "Want To Talk?"

Huge Youth Demographic

This could be used for a dating site, cell phone carrier cell phone sales (great for a company like Virgin Mobile, AllTel, Rogers Canada, Qwest, Sprint, Nokia, AT&T, U.S. Cellular. or Verizon , chat line, Teenagers, IM, Text Messaging, Instant Messaging, social networking ... endless possibilities I have checked and 800 numbers that spell out Wan2Tlk are available as well.

The wireless industry currently has 300 Million US Subscribers, this represents a Huge Youth Demographic and is perfectly suited for Text and Unlimited Calling Plans using Wan2Tlk.com as a COOL RECOGNIZABLE marketing platformAddress this core audience with a term they are already very familiar with...
No more hollow corporate slogans aimed at the Business sector

Text Messages, IM, Instant Messaging, Cell Phones, Teens, Internet

Television Streaming Video Multimedia Internet Website Broadcasting Digital Media

Domain: wan2tlk.com
Marketability: excellent   
Clarity: excellent 
Memorability: excellent 
Link Popularity:  n/a 
Length: very good 
Word count: good 
Hyphens: not present
Numerals: present
Substitutions: present
Abbreviations: present


All information kept strictly confidential.

Email us at: Info@Wan2Tlk.com
Visit us at: WAN2TLK.COM

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